Website Review for Retailers
including free basic SEO and Usability Evaluation.

There are many times when you wonder why you aren't doing so well in the search rankings, or why everyone who visits your site is leaving it from your home page.  Or why your shopping cart is being abandoned before a purchase is completed.  A website evaluation can quickly help identify what's wrong, and we can then help from giving basic advice to a full service consultancy.  And we're small, independent and experienced so you won't find our costs anything like as much as elsewhere.

Book a Website Review with The Site Guide if you'd like to be included in the guide (and we'll quickly tell you if your site meets our requirements) and if you'd like to take advantage of our free offer of a basic SEO and usability evaluation for your site which would be include with the review.

Our basic website SEO and usability evaluation which is included with the website review will give you pointers as to what may be going wrong.  If you then want some more help we're here to do that as well from finding you the right developer, to optimising your content, training you how to write your title tags and helping you set up adwords.  We can help you to help yourself, or do the work for you, it's entirely up to you.

Patricia DavidsonTo get started contact Patricia Davidson at and we'll give you the full details on what it takes to get a website review and evaluation.  You'll be amazed at how little it costs to get help.  We're experts on what makes people click.

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'Our Alexa traffic rank has already improved by over 500,000 since we started working with Patricia for our blog and website optimization 3 months ago. It is a delight to work with Patricia. She works meticulously and fast. She is passionate about how customers perceive a look and feel of a website and won't hesitate to recommend making some simple changes that could possibly make a world of difference. We consider her an absolute expert in this field.'
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