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French hair care discoveries for dry hair that really work - You know the feeling, you’re using your long time favourite shampoo and conditioner but frankly it isn’t doing the business any more, and as soon as you leave the house your perfect blow dry starts to frizz, or waves appear where you didn’t plan them to be......  Read More

What to Wear to the Gym - Fitness Clothes to have Fun in - if the thought of that New Year's Resolution is weighing you down take a look at the latest additions to the fitness clothing stores.  Read More

Balmain's denim blazer is a fabric fantasy, but if you're looking for a more traditional denim jacket you can choose from Isabel Marant Etoile to Levi's.   Read More

How to Make your Legs Look Longer - Nude and pale sparkle shoes always make your legs look longer and are flattering on everyone.  Here are some of the best.  Read More

Auberge de l'ill revisited -  The first time I visited Auberge de l’ill I was on my way from work Paris to Salzburg for the Easter Festival and was lucky enough to be invited to the Auberge de l’ill, which rests just south of Strasbourg in the sleepy town of Illhaeursen and is the creation of the renowned Haeberlin family.  Read More

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